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Is Brown's Gas produced in a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Brown's Gas?

At Brown’s Gas For Health for the application of Brown’s Gas to living humans, we only utilize the highest-quality and cutting-edge PEM Electrolyzers.  We do not run the risk of poisoning people with gas produced using a caustic alkaline electrolyte.  Brown’s Gas can be produced in an alkaline or PEM electrolyzer.  The only prerequisite to satisfy the definition of Brown’s Gas is that the two streams of hydrogen and oxygen gas electrolyzed from water are intermingled before application following the electrolysis of water.  The use of a caustic electrolyte adds nothing to the ultimate quality or characteristics of Brown’s Gas, it only adds the risk of toxic pollution.

What does the price include?

Prices displayed are inclusive of Free International Express door-to-door delivery.
Express.  As we deliver worldwide we do not charge
Sales Tax, GST, or VAT at checkout.  Local taxes vary from country to country and ordinarily include Sales Tax, GST, or VAT, and customs duty.  The in-country courier company will advise you of any taxes imposed by your government and collect payment on behalf of your government.

When can I expect my delivery?

A door-to-door delivery by the international express courier takes about 14 days.

What size of hydrogen machine should I order?

The benefit of a higher output inhaler is that you can spend less time inhaling per day.  For example, you might use a 450 ml/min machine for 40 minutes, or you could use a 900 ml/min machine for 20 minutes. 

Where can I look at the User Manual for the products?

User Manuals are published on each product page.
Just click the link to download the manual.


How will my machine ship?

For international shipping, depending on your country, we use FedEx, UPS, or DHL Express.  The price you pay is inclusive of Free Express door-to-door delivery. by DHL Express.  You will receive an email with a tracking number for your delivery that you can track on the courier portal.  Any damage that happens in transit is claimable against the courier company.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  We ship worldwide using FedEx, DHL Express, and UPS.


How do I go about making payment?

Click the ADD TO CART button on the product page, then click CHECKOUT, fill in your delivery address details making sure to include a phone number for the in-country delivery address, then select your online payment method.

If you prefer to make a direct telegraphic transfer to our bank account send us an email at admin@brownsgasforhealth.com and we will send the details to you.


How do I return a machine for refund?

We provide exceptional customer service.  We have easily one of the best-ever returns policies.  Your returns will be picked up by Express Courier from your door for free!  Send us an email at admin@brownsgasforhealth to make the arrangements.  The highest amount of any refund that can be paid excludes any government taxes and duties paid and all shipping costs, and depends on the condition of the machine when inspected by us.

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