Brown’s Gas For Health

Founder and CEO

Hello, I am Peter Griffiths, the founder, and CEO of YBG Group International 

Brown's Gas For Health

Welcome to Brown’s Gas for Health, a website dedicated to promoting the benefits of using Brown’s Gas for personal use. Brown’s Gas, also known as Hydrogen-Oxygen, is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It is a natural, safe, and non-toxic form of water.


I was mentored by Research Professor Yull Brown, and accordingly, I am now the world expert on the use of Brown’s Gas for industrial decarbonization.

Brown's Gas For Health


The machines on this website do not use a caustic electrolyte as is used in the industrial production of Brown’s Gas, the machines have no external filters.  These machines leverage the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) and Solid Poly Electrolytic technology (SPE) technology.  These machines produce 99.999% pure hydrogen and oxygen products from distilled water, something not possible when using a caustic electrolyte.

What is Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas is a unique blend of hydrogen and oxygen that was first discovered by an Australian inventor, Resrerahc Professor Yull Brown. This gas is created by electrolyzing water and separating the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in a machine that traditionally used a caustic electrolyte. Brown’s Gas is known for its high energy density and strong oxidizing and reducing properties.


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