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Personal machines with adjustable hydrogen and oxygen settings.

  • Natural hydrogen and oxygen products are made from pure water.
  • Cutting-edge variable output.
  • Non-toxic SPE/PEM Technology
  • Pure 99.999% output.
  • No toxic electrolyte (Lye).
  • No external filters.
  • No external bubblers.

Brown’s Gas can be produced in any type of electrolyzer, so long as the resultant gases generated from the electrolysis of water (namely hydrogen and oxygen) are intermingled as part of the process prior to use.

A cautionary note on using an alkaline electrolyzer for human use of the gases.

In an alkaline electrolyzer, the water is alkalized with potassium hydroxide (KOH) which is also known as caustic soda or lye to produce hydroxide ions instead of protons. The hydroxide ions then migrate through the electrolyte to the anode, which reacts with water to form oxygen gas and more hydroxide ions. At the cathode, hydrogen gas is produced by the reaction of hydroxide ions and electrons.

electrolysis reactionsPotassium hydroxide (KOH) is a strong base that is widely used in various industrial and laboratory applications. While it is generally considered safe when handled and used properly, it can be toxic in certain circumstances.

Ingestion or inhalation of potassium hydroxide can cause severe damage to the mouth, throat, lungs, and digestive system. Symptoms of acute toxicity can include throat pain, difficulty breathing, chest pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bloody stools. In severe cases, potassium hydroxide ingestion can lead to shock, cardiac arrest, and even death.

Contact with potassium hydroxide can also cause chemical burns and skin irritation. Exposure to concentrated solutions of potassium hydroxide can result in deep tissue damage, while exposure to dilute solutions can cause skin irritation and redness. Eye contact with potassium hydroxide can lead to severe eye irritation, including corneal damage and blindness.

It is important to handle potassium hydroxide carefully and follow appropriate safety measures when working with this chemical. This includes wearing protective clothing, gloves, and eye protection, as well as ensuring adequate ventilation in the work area. If exposure to potassium hydroxide occurs, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

In summary, while potassium hydroxide is a useful and versatile chemical, it is important to be aware of its potential hazards and to take appropriate precautions when working with it to minimize the risk of toxicity.

Our company does not sell alkaline hazardous electrolyte electrolyzers.  Due to the presence of a toxic electrolyte in the alkaline electrolyzer we do not advocate using it for human inhalation purposes.  Only the PEM style of Brown’s Gas electrolyzer is suitable for human use.

Unique machine with hydrogen water dispenser built-in.

Hydrogen Oxygen Generator and Water Ionizer

  • Natural products made from pure water.
  • Advanced Molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen Generators.
  • Water Ionizers.
  • Cutting-Edge SPE/PEM Technology
  • Pure 99.999% output.
  • Adjustable output.
  • H2 Water on demand.
  • No toxic electrolyte (Lye).
  • No external filters.
  • No external bubblers.


Welcome to our website, where we showcase case studies and clinical trials related to the use of Brown’s Gas as an air source. Brown’s Gas is a unique type of air made entirely of pure water and composed of a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in a specific ratio. To produce Brown’s Gas, an electrolyzer machine is used to break down water into its component elements of oxygen and hydrogen.

Our website focuses on the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer, which was developed following the introduction of Brown’s Gas technology in China in 1991 by the owner of this website, Peter Griffiths, and Research Professor Yull Brown. The PEM Electrolyzer uses metals as solid electrolytes to separate the hydrogen molecules from the oxygen molecules and does not require the use of a toxic electrolyte.

One of the common questions we address is whether Brown’s Gas is still considered Brown’s Gas if produced by a PEM electrolyzer without the use of a toxic electrolyte. Our website clarifies that Brown’s Gas is defined as a stoichiometric mixture of hydrogen and oxygen produced in a specific ratio using the process of electrolysis. Therefore, regardless of the type of electrolyzer used, the resulting gas is still Brown’s Gas as long as the hydrogen and oxygen products of electrolysis are mixed immediately after the process.

Our website also debunks claims that there are other components present in Brown’s Gas apart from pure hydrogen and oxygen. These claims are invalid and go against the definition of Brown’s Gas. Brown’s Gas is simply an intermingled hydrogen and oxygen compound, with no plurality of gases generated during the electrolysis of water.

In conclusion, our website provides valuable information on the production and composition of Brown’s Gas, emphasizing the safety and effectiveness of using the PEM Electrolyzer for human inhalation purposes. You can purchase a PEM Brown’s Gas electrolyzer directly from our website.

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My machine is beautiful and I know that gradually I will overcome my health problems with it. There is nothing like using a pure natural product instead of medications that really didn’t work for me, and had side effects.



Finally, I have the energy to keep up with the daily demands of running the household.   Drinking hydrogen water makes a big difference and my family loves it too.  Makes me feel so natural, and I am happy taking care of my own health at home.



I totally hated getting vaccinated because of my job, and after seeing all the side effects published I knew I had to do something to boost my immune system.  It is marvelous that water-based technology has come onto the scene to help.



At Brown’s Gas For Health, we believe that achieving success requires a combination of dedication, learning, and perseverance. While our customers’ testimonials are genuine accounts of their personal experiences, they only apply to the individual depicted and may not be representative of everyone who uses Brown’s Gas For Health’s products and services. Every person’s experience is unique, and results will vary accordingly. It’s important to note that these testimonials do not make any claims regarding the products’ ability to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any illness. We’re excited to support you on your journey to wellness, but please be aware that we do not provide medical services and recommend seeking independent medical advice. Additionally, it’s worth noting that some of our products and services have not been evaluated or approved by the TGA or FDA and are not intended for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing illness.

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